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Chondrosarcoma left femur grade 1/borderline lesion ...Help needed ...

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I would be grateful if anyone help and share your experiences.My husband had borderline chondrosarcoma about 7 cm in his left femur .I am describing his long story in short manner .Now doc has removed the tumor .Before this tumor he used to be a healthy and care free man but after this illness he becomes so much curious and conscious .Now he is walking with crutches .He has the same symptoms his overall health is not improving .He feels strange pain in all over the body and persistent pain on surgery area.Doc looks very busy as he has so many other patients to take care .But i m scared and want to find out early god forbid if anythg wrong is going.Any de differentiated chondrosarcoma patient can share their experience and any tip or any help .My husband is 35 yrs old and father of 3 kids .I m worried and tense whats going on my family .