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I’m scared I have Osteosarcoma!!

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Hello everyone,

I noticed pain in my upper left arm where it feels like I got a shot or bruised. Now it only hurts when I touch it in one spot. It’s not very painful and it only hurts when I touch it. It feels like I might have pinched a nerve and the pain is only in one spot. This came out of no where and I haven’t damaged my arm (that I know of) I’ve noticed no lump or swelling. I’m so scared of sarcoma! Please is his something that needs to be looked at by a doctor? It does not bother me when I sleep nor when I move my arm. Thanks.

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Hello bran_sun! I don’ t know how did you come to this conlusion, that you might have a sarcoma, but I should advise that you see your GP first, be reffered for some tests and eventually have an MRI done. Try this steps first! Best of luck!