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stoma reversal

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I wonder if anyone can give me some advice regarding my Mums stoma reversal.

She had a reversal of a hartmanns procedure colostomy two weeks ago.After the first few days of general discomfort she began to violently vomit green bile.They did an x ray but found that the bowels were functioning.She now has incontinence and constant diarrhea and is still being sick with the bile.She is managing to eat and drink.Has anyone else had it this bad?Im wondering if its normal.I do understand that the bowel will take a while to get going properly it just seems a bit extreme.

By the way my Mum is 82 going on 60.She had loads of tests before the op to make sure she was fit enough.

Any advice much appreciated.Thanks.
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My OH is in hospital as we speak. Had an ileostomy reversal yesterday afternoon. But he a colostomy stoma as well. I spoke to him this morniing on the phone and he had eaten some toast. And was feelling much better than when he had the op to remove the cancer and the emergency op for the peritonitis.
Surgeon was happy that all had gone well. He had a hernia with both stomas as well so she did the hernia on the stoma he has had removed.

He had a really bad time the first time so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Have you tried googling stoma reversal?
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I had my stoma reversal 6 months ago, and can tell you that the Dhiarrhoea is normal, but it settles down. At times you think it will never happen and your bum gets really sore and bleeds,but it gradually gets better. I am having very few problems now and if I do Loperimide is a great help.

However as your mam is vomiting bile, I would hold back on the Loperimide. Bowels dont like being handled and just go on strike.When I was in hospital,I ended up with a nasal tube ,to stop me vomiting.

As I say I feel great now,but 2 weeks after surgery I was in a very similar state to your mam.

Try looking at the thread on the Chit Chat forum, that I started last year. I got some really good advice and it put my mind completely at rest.

Tell your mam ,I know how shes feeling,but it will get better

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I just wanted to let you know that my Mum is getting a bit better now.I have been staying with her and she has stopped vomiting and has less severe diarrhea.
She actually has two infections in her wound and they have said this may be why she was quite so ill.
She is getting stronger everyday and even though she is 82 and has suffered so much she is so happy not to have the stoma anymore although when the bile vomit was happening I am sure she wondered why she had done it.
She is learning what she can and cant eat and is looking forward.
We were all a bit surprised at how ill she became but she is having great care from the distict nurses and although the infections take up to 6 weeks to fully clear,since she had the antibiotic everything is going in the right direction.

Thanks for the replies