My 16 year old son has just been diagnosed with a tumour on his sacrel bone, suspected Chondrosarcoma. Until last week everything was pointing towards an inflammatory bowel until his CT came back. He also has a nodule on his lung so he has another CT on Thursday. I’m praying that’s nothing and something hasn’t spread. 

it’s such a terrible, unexpected shock! He has his biopsy on Tuesday. He’s being so brave. I am a mess (in private of course.) I just wish I could take it away. You try to take care and protect your children from harm but this is totally out of my control and I don’t know what to do? How can I make it better? He also has a twin brother so I’m worried about how to support him too. 

I am normally such a positive person, the one who always has the right words to make people feel better. I need to practice what I preach but this has just knocked me for six. 

The waiting is the worst, I just feel like I'm in a terrible dream. 
J x 

  • Hi  bumpband,  so sorry that you have had this bad news regarding your son, I'm not sure how I'd cope if it was one of mine but it sounds like you're being a rock for him.

    I myself was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma in my right arm and shoulder after an xray in September which showed up abnormalities.

    When I had the needle biopsy a couple of weeks ago the hospital were fantastic, I had a guided needle biopsy in the shoulder and at the time never felt a thing until the nerve block wore off, I then took codeine and paracetamol to keep the pain at bay, that lasted a couple of days untill it returned to normal, mine was a bone biopsy. 

    There really isn't anymore you can do other than what you're doing now, talk as much as you can to one another so that it becomes easy to discuss feeling and worries along the way, 

    Ask the consultant as many questions as you can, write them down, I wrote mine down and got side tracked and didn't ask all of them, 

    It's very scary and you will feel alone, not just you and your son but you your son, all the family and friends and I found the best way was to talk to them, explain to them as some will not know how to bring the subject up but once they are on board they will help you and your son through it,  your not alone neither of you, you never will be. 

    Wishing you the very very best for Tue, msg any time and let me know how Tue goes, all the best Dave