Ewing's Sarcoma

Hi. 5 weeks ago my 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in the 6th vertibrae of her neck after a few weeks of complaining about back ache and eventuality having pins and needles in her hand.  I'm in pieces. She had an operation to remove what they could of the tumour. Scans show it hasn't spread any further than her neck, and she's on chemo for treatment. Shes so strong with the most chilled, positive attitude and I try to be strong for her but I'm in such a dark place right now. Don't know what to do or where to turn. She's my world.

  • Hi 

    Welcome to the forum . I think your emotions are totally understandable given it’s your precious child having to endure treatment. No wonder you have finding it hard .

    I am wondering if you would like to chat with our helpline staff0808 808 0000 who also cover the emotional aspects and may have some insight into local resources that might be able to support you .

    I also contacted my GP . You are only human and this is tough by anyone’s standards .

    Your daughter sounds absolutely amazing and I wish her every success going forward with her care .

    Take care ,


  • I just found out today that my 12yr old daughter also has ewings sarcoma. I'm so scared but can't show it, so I can totally imagine how you are feeling. I wish your lovely girl all the very best with her treatment, and for you I hope you have all the best support around you, it's a scary time. Sending all my thoughts to you. x

  • Thank you for your well wishes, and I'm so sorry you're now going through the same thing. My daughter just finished her second round of chemo. So far - touch wood - she's had virtually no side effects, other than starting to lose her hair. She has school lessons every day in the hospital, and she even enjoys seeing the physiotherapists. She's so relaxed and chilled, while I'm quietly struggling to hold it together. The surgeons, doctors, oncology team, nurses and everyone else have been utterly superb throughout this. My thoughts go out to you, and I hope your daughter's treatment goes well.