Limb sparing surgery

Hi folks just wondering if anyone could help me with regards to limb saving surgery,to my right arm, I've been told I need the upper part of my humerus along with the shoulder joint removed, as I've always be very active I'm just concerned how much movement and how it would be with lifting things or doing normal gardening jobs, they have told me I'll be restricted and won't be able to do my current job which involves climbing , sorry if its a stupid question but it's just one of many, thank you in advance 

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community

    I haven't had the type of surgery that you'll be having but noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet from the other members of the group.

    I typed 'limb sparing' into the search bar at the top of the page but unfortunately only found a couple of previous posts on this topic and they are over 7 years old.

    Do you have a CNS (cancer/clinical nurse specialist) allocated to you because, if so, she should be able to help with any queries around your future mobility, although I do appreciate you would rather hear from someone who has had this surgery themselves? If you don't have a CNS you could speak to one of the nurses on the Macmillan Support Line. It's free to call them on 0808 808 0000 and they are available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm.

    I wish you all the best


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  • Many thanks for getting back to me, I did do a search but as you said quite old post and yes it would be nice to get some info from someone having had similar surgery as I'm hoping I'll have a little more movement then suggested.

    Time will tell and I intend to give it 100% so all should be good,

    Thanks again for your reply, much appreciate it 

  • Hi and sorry there isn't someone here in your exact situation. I had limb sparing surgery on my lower femur/knee. In my situation, it depends a lot on what the particulars of the cancer growth are. They had to take a bit of muscle out, thigh muscle, in my case, and that takes apparently a long time to come back from. It doesn't regrow but other muscles can take over for it. But other people I know with leg surgeries are completely back to normal within a year. They were also younger, and perhaps didn't have muscle removed? Or maybe they just worked harder in PT! Are they doing an implant to replace your shoulder and humerus? For legs, you can choose to have actual human bone or metal. The human bone takes a lot lot longer to heal (a year maybe in a wheelchair?) but I believe is stronger in the long run so less restrictive as far as activities. I got the metal, I don't need to go rock climbing or running. Do you get to choose?

    All the best, hope they get it all out!


  • Thank you so much for responding, 

    They have indicated it will be metal, ( proximal humeral endoprosthetic replacement ) shoulder joint and a section of the humerus will need to be replaced but they have not yet confirmed how much of the humerus needs to be taken away, They are going to call me in to discuss the surgery, 

    It is all moving along at a pace so can't complain just need to get on with it and have it sorted, as long as I can do my garden when it's done I'll be happy. 

    Your a Hero with everything you've gone and are going through, that goes for your family as well, Take care and God bless you 

  • So I bet they can tell you more when they call you in to discuss it. I wish I knew more about how arms go! Will you also get chemo? What is the name of your cancer?

    You take care too!


  • Hi sorry I should have said, they have told me it's chondrosarcoma of the bone and treating it as a grade 2, chemo doesn't appear to have much of an affect on it  unless it gets bored and starts  moving around the body , all scans so far show its just in the upper arm.

    Cheers Dave