My wife as just been told she as got metastases  from her doctor and she is so upset not being told what it is is there anyone who would be able to help thank you

  • Hi there,

    I'm sorry to hear about your wife. This news is always a shock and difficult to absorb.  I take it your wife has only just been given this diagnosis and is waiting for an appointment to see a specialist at the hospital? 

    Metastases is a spread of a cancer to another part of the body. I take it your wife has been previously diagnosed with cancer? That cancer would be classed as 'the primary ' . As an example,  breast cancer could be the primary site and metastases are the development of secondary malignant growths at a distance from a primary site of cancer. 

    You haven't said where her metastases are. If her story is similar to mine I'm very happy to share my journey. I had breast cancer which has metastased to my bones. This is also described as ' secondary breast cancer' 
    I hope your wife soon gets the treatment she needs.
    1. Thank you for your email and getting back the shock for me is gust taking it all in and not been sold what this Cancer is and if it can be courde the cancer is at the bottom of her spine but the docThumbsupr are doing more tests thay are having a meeting next week to see what the next stage is she had a MIR scam which picket it up thay have told her that thay have found it earlier hope that's a good sThumbsupn not sure which cancer it is and if  spreading.a name is Mandy and she is putting a brave face on it at the moment I hope you are ok in your self and one day we can kill this Cancer for good please keep me informed on how you are keeping and thank you again for email me ps sorry for the spell I am working of a mobile phone Thumbsup
  • Hello again, 

    From what you say sounds like they have caught it quickly which means hopefully Mandy will get the treatment she needs soon.

    The meeting you refer to is called an MDT meeting.  Multi disciplinary team.  This usually consists of oncologists,  specialist doctors and nurses and others who may be involved with cancer care. They will all look at Mandys MRI scan and between them they will make a plan for her treatment. 

    Different oncologists have different regimes of treatment and probably depends where you live. However, at the end of the day there are some amazing treatments out there so be reassured that Mandy will be offered the best possible treatment.  

    Don't be surprised if after more tests they find other areas of disease in Mandys bones. However,  if she has similar treatment to me she will have medication to stop the protein feeding the tumours and also other meds to build the bones back up. ( my most recent ct scan showed my diseased bones are responding well to both these treatments). I have tumours in my pelvis, sacral area, most of my spine, in the top of my right leg and in my left shoulder. I also have tumours in my skull which my oncologist tells me is common but they don't know why. However,  the only place I am aware of is my pelvis and sacral area where I get a bit of nerve type pain . I don't have pain anywhere else.

    Please keep me updated on how things progress for Mandy. If her treatment plan is similar to mine, I'll be able to reassure you both that it is really not too bad. 

    Don't forget to look after yourself as well. There is a lot to take in and it can be quite overwhelming.  Mandy has probably found an inner strength to cope with this and she is being brave for both of you at this time. As time goes on you will find it easier to deal with and that's when you will be able to provide support if Mandy does have sad moments.  When I was 1st diagnosed my husband developed high blood pressure and his heart started to beat out of rhythm!!! Anyway,  that has all settled and he is now stronger and he helps me when i get a little sad. If you have family and close friends talk with them as well. If you are both open about the diagnosis people won't be shy about discussing things with you and you can be reassured that they will want to support you.

    Hope you both have a good weekend and I look forward to hearing the progress. 



  • Hi Yvonne I too had Brest cancer which has matastatised to my pelvis lungs and liver. How are you doing what treatment are you on and how long have you been on it. Sorry for all the questions.

  • Sorry it taken so long to get back Mandy trying to look on the bright side with what you have put and is waiting to see what the doctor  as said before your information as been a big help keep in contact thank you

  • Thinking of you both. Please let me know the outcome once you have spoken with the oncologist. 


  • Hi Paulie,

    Thank you making contact and hope you are getting all the treatment you need. 

    So my treatment started around March 2021. Between March and around June I had three separate, one off doses of radiotherapy.  One to my sacral area, one to my right hip and one to my cervical spine. The idea of this was to reduce the tumours in those areas as they are the most significant.  ( the tumours in my hip was pressing my sciatic nerve causing me to limp) . All the radiotherapy was successful and stopped the limp. 

    Along side the radiotherapy I also commenced two treatments of medication Initially  which changed to three around July time

    Zometa which is given as an infusion into my arm which takes about 15 mins. This is a ' bone rebuilding ' treatment.  I have this treatment every 4 weeks at my local oncology unit. Along side this I have 2 quite big injections into my bottom, ( one in each cheek) called fulvestrant which is a protein inhibitor.  About July time I also commenced an oral treatment called palbociclib which is another protein inhibitor. It is an immunotherapy and before I started it I was warned of the side effects. ( nausea, fatigue,  diarrhoea) However I have been very lucky that I have no side effects at all. 

    My oncologist tells me I will stay on this treatment for as long as it works. I guess any change in tumour markers or ct scans may alter the course.

    What treatment are you on? Are you having positive results.



  • Hi Yvonne

    Sorry for taking a while to reply, really appreciate you replying. I’m on Zoladex and denosumab administered monthly then latretzol and palbociclib daily. Had a some radiotherapy back in may on my pelvis which helped but some discomfort has returned so going for a MRI Saturday to assess the area. Likewise he says will be on this all the time it keeps working.

    How are you feeling?  Let’s hope these treatments work for a good amount of time. My markers are decreasing which is positive. 

    kind regards 


  • Hi Pauline,

    Hope all goes well tomorrow for your MRI.  How are you getting on with the zoladex? Not sure which is worse, zoladex pellet for you or two 5ml injections into each bum check for me! As long as it does the job. 

    The radiotherapy I had earlier this year was amazing in reducing the discomfort in my leg. However,  both my legs feel quite uncomfortable again now. I can't really explain it, sort of a dull ache, defo nerve type pain and really heavy legs, especially by the end of the day. Is that how your legs feel? 

    I did wonder the other day if the bone strengthening meds are filling my pelvis up so much that my legs can't take the weight!

    Someone asked me the other day if I think much about the diagnosis.  It wasn't something I had thought about but then I realised that I probably do think about it a lot of the time mostly because of the leg discomfort.  It's a constant reminder.  Is that how you are? Do you take any pain killers? 

    Sorry, loads of questions. Again, hoping the MRI shows no new areas. It's going to be another waiting game for you . Keep positive.