How can I get a Clinical Nurse Specialist for my friend?

Hi I am supporting a young person with cancer, I don't feel they are getting good care and need one person to look out for everything and them but I don't know how to go about it. Can anyone help, I have googled but not getting what I am looking for. Thanks

  • Hi . Normally once a patient is diagnosed with cancer a CNS is assigned at the same time. The day I went for my 1st Consultation with the surgeon I met my CNS took care of me answering questions and assured me she was my "Go-to" person with any queries. My op took place in Nottingham but I live in Lincolnshire. After the op I was transferred back to Lincolnshire NHS trust and assigned another CNS who is now a trusted friend. 

    Try to get hold of your friend's Consultant's secretary and see if you can find out from them.

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  • Thank you, I called a local hospice and they said to get a referral from the gp but the gp isn't that helpful, I am trying to get my friend to get their notes printed out so I can who is who and what is what, slow going , this is helpful thank you, have a good day.