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Bladder cancer

A place for people affected by bladder cancer to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.


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I have my second lot removed next week,I only had the first lot removed last December,they are high grade 2 cells

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Hi Meetoo, don't be too downcast, my husband had loads removed some G3, had the usual month for bladder to settle, 6 x once-a-week BCG, 6-week wait for cystoscopy to check at which they found and removed a new tumour. However they gave him several choices and he opted for Mytomycin treatment. A year-ish later he has now had two clear checks, it is just pretty random. Be assured that once they have you in the system as they have now, regular checks should find any more in good time.

Best, Denby

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Alas, BC is the cancer most likely to recur. If only low grade then usually just needs continual monitoring & removal. My brother had several years of that before eventually stopped recurring & he was discharged. With higher grade they will usually offer BCG treatment to deter recurrence as it can also progress to higher grade & deeper into the bladder wall.

Take heart, it is a very treatable cancer. Be sure to keep follow ups.