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Bladder cancer

A place for people affected by bladder cancer to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.

Re occurring tumors in bladder

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Hi all new to the site,so sorry if I don't say a lot just trying to get familiar with site

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Hi and a warm welcome to the group. We know that bladder cancer has a habit of coming back. Lots of experience and friendly support here for when you need it. Any problems navigating the site, or any questions, hit the reply button below and ask. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi Meetoo, marvellous thing on this site is contribute or read as you choose. I daresay we've all started out just reading what others have written until one day we can share some info or experience we realise might help someone else grappling with bladder cancer. Hearing what has happened to other community members remains an enormous help to me. For example when I got my first reoccurrence (one year on from diagnosis, mid BCG treatment) I thought my days were numbered. It was literally a lifeline to hear from other folk further down the road than me, still alive and enjoying their lives. People who feel like my friends now. Thanks gang xxx  Meetoo I have my next flexi cystoscopy on Thursday where I very much hope not to have another tumour but I know that I might. You'll hear what happens next in this story on this site first because jubilation or disappointment I'll need support. Best wishes. H x.