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The Great British Urine Test

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Evening All. If you missed it, I have just watched the above programme on Channel 5. Well worth a watch if you can get it on catch up. Bladder cancer was mentioned, although briefly, but there are many other things you need to look out for. Many things can be diagnosed, sometimes just by the colour, and is an indication of general health.

A couple of things that I found fascinating. 

Dogs can be trained to detect bladder cancer as well as other cancers by sniffing urine. We have known this for some tme, but maybe not very practical.

In these days when the shelves are empty and you cannot buy mouthwash, swilling your mouth with urine can be as good. Probably best to use your own. I might give that one a miss.

Unfortunately, my home town of Liverpool came top of the tree for drug abuse.

The downside of the programme is that bladder cancer did not get as much publicity as we would like, as usual. Best wishes. 

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Since I got my BC diagnosis I stare intently at the colour of my urine  Particularly since a urology nurse commented "this is more apple juice than white wine". I was mortified. Sending love everyone x

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What if you have a UTI & the infection passes to the throat ...  .  Although I suppose in extreme circumstances like having nothing to drink I would try a sip, who knows we may enjoy it so much that it turns out to be our main drink. We could open pubs  & serve our speciality weee, sorry I'm getting carried away with it all now.  

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I'll just say what the others are thinking - are you taking the p*ss? 


I may appear to be listening but in my head I'm all at sea. 

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I take it you don't fancy a wee nip then CB?