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Pelvic Floor Exercises

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Hi all

I had my cystectomy five weeks ago and unfortunately my new bladder has leakage so I’ve still got two catheters in and all future appointments now cancelled so looks like I’m going to have them in for a while yet!

I’ve yet to receive any exercise plans or pelvic floor exercises so would be grateful if any advice or particular YouTube videos/instructions


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Oh dear Westmount, not pleasant at all!  Hope you keep well meanwhile & the wait's not too long.

You could have look online whilst waiting for someone who's more knowledgeable to come along.

Take care x

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Not pleasant having the catheters & bags, but it will give you more recovery time before starting to use neo. At only 2 weeks post op when mine was activated, I was still very weak & tired.

Plenty of info re exercises if you search online. Worth doing, but be prepared for incontinence at first. I found that when I was full & leaked, I could reduce the flow but not stop it. Practice moving without using abdomen, especially standing up, sitting down (use arms & legs to push up) and avoid bending forward. All these movements compress neo & tend to induce a leak.

Good luck!