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Anaesthetic dose

Joe Soap
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I have just returned from a rigid Cystoscopy with diathermy. Usually after this sort of operation, I get a heavy dose of anaesthetic which leaves me in need of a catheter for several hours. But this time before the operation, I had a word with the anaesthetist and explained that a light dose, such as I have had for both side hernias, I was able to walk away in an hour

Therefore yesterday I came to in the recovery ward without a catheter, sitting in a pool of blood and able to go home an hour later. This morning my urine was gin clear.

What happened? Was the anaesthetist careful to be economical with the anaesthetic, or was the operation just a very light one?

I was told not to shower till at least lunchtime today or, because I was likely to be a bit dozy till then. I am looking forward to that shower.

Joe Soap
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Whatever it was it  sounds good to me Joe!

When my local hospital stopped doing Urology I had to go to another hospital, I have no idea what they do to me but I feel absolutely terrible when I come round.  I can't weee for hours, I have almost an immediate raging UTI & often need 2 lots of antibiotics, & I feel like they've cut my insides to pieces, I feel so depressed too.   However, before I used to feel absolutely wonderful, no stinging at all, bit of a UTI, but I was so happy with it all.   I asked them what had changed but they insist nothing, so maybe it's just my body getting tired of this.  

Keep safe xxx

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It's certainly worth mentioning past experiences to the anaesthetist. I expect to feel woozy for about 7 - 10 days after even a short one, but last time, having said this, I had no problems. I think they'd given me extra fluids (don't know if any different drugs). Also, I was in early, so less time without food & drink.

My brother reacts badly to GA, so if he has one they do it pm so he can have good intake in the morning immediately before going nil by mouth, as opposed to the night before for an am op.