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BCG and reduced immunity, cystoscopy cancelled

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So today I got the letter from the NHS identifying me as an at risk person. So I guess that answers the question about whether BCG causes similar immune risks as other treatments. I also got a phone call from my hospital cancelling next cystoscopy due on Friday until June at the earliest. I'll just have to do my best not to get either corona virus or another reoccurrence. Spoilt for choice really. Stay healthy everyone. xxx

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After Mr W being told after 3 years clear he didnt need final 3 bcg we arrived home from our holiday (details.later) to find appointment  for Tuesday 24th for final 3 bcg Tried unsuccessfully to get thro to hospital However phone call Monday from nurse  cancelling them Explained had 2 letters one from Nurse practitioner one from cconsultant saying bcg completed flexi in 6 months She apologised said wires crossed She also said missing last 3 would in no way be detrimental I think SueCc only had 15 due to shortage and she is ok Stay safe and Fingers crossed all good 

On holiday flight home changed to 30th day original lock down ended I spent hours looking for alternative often paying to be told sorry it's gone payment cancelled Finally got flight to Glasgow arriving 1 30 am 1450€ We live us outside Manchester!Booked hotel at Glasgow airport and train to Manchester M&S food Glasgow airport well stocked so got food for 5 days Train ride was a pleasure new clean comfy train scenic route red wine and BLT sarnie picnic Friend picked us up.on arrival and had purchased food for us 

Lock down here far less stringent than Lanzarote Been for a walk with Mr W not allowed Lanzarote So used to social distancing I did it on our walk and not necessary between household members 

Much love to everyone  Stay safe

I've just ordered  5 new outside lights from Screfix tube delivered Thursday to keep Mr Wilbert occupied I'm such a considerate wife Bit like Mrs Rily kindly ordering Rily paint


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Hi Wilbert, i'm sure Mr W will be overjoyed with his lights, very consideret of you to think of him. We're also self icolating and done that for a week because we're oldies!!! don't think much to it and now lock down, will it ever end?

Glad you managed to get home ok after your holiday.

Yes i only had 15 BCGs and been fine but as i said a canceled flexi for next month. 

Wash your hands everyone and stay safe x

Sue Xx