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Cystoscope .

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Well I’m due my cystoscope next month, I moved onto 9 months last July, now it doesn’t look as though it will happen. I phoned the hospital up today to ask why I hadn’t heard anything and was told I wasn’t even on the list, after checking she said I was on the deferred list!!! If I haven’t heard anything in 2 weeks to phone up after 3 months. The only saving grace is I’ve been 7 years clear and didn’t really want to go to Lincoln hospital. 

Very scary times we’re at just now, as we’re in our 70s we’re self isolating, done that for a week and can’t imagine doing it for 3 months but if need be so be it.

Wash your hands and keep,your distance. Stay well and hugs to you all x

Sue Xx
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Hi Sue. I'm sure you must have mixed feelings on this one. We always like the checks, but staying safe in the short term is probably better. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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My hospital advised yesterday that Friday's cystoscopy list will continue. Not keen on walking through the hospital but not keen on ignoring BC recurrences either. It's a cleft stick. x

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Hope you don't have to wait too long Sue!

It is indeed mixed feelings on this one.  I'm sure that if I'd stuck with my usual hospital the rigid cysto would've gone ahead, but then there's the UTI afterwards & trying to get in at the Dr's so ....  I've got an appointment at my new hospital on 23 April, whether or not it will go ahead I don't know.  I suppose our main aim is to survive Corona, whilst worrying about our BC.  

Stay safe all xxx