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BCG and coronavirus

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I am five weeks through a nine week cancer treatment course, six doses of BCG a d three of  mitomycin 

The treatment is to reduce recurrence. I was clear at the time of my last op in January.

Do they weaken my immune system? And does the whole experience make me more  of a high risk to coronavirus?

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This is my worry too for my dad, he starts his six weeks next wednesday. 

Do you mind me asking how you have found the BCG treatment? 

Has it caused any nasty side effects or is it quite straight forward? 


Louise x 

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My husband   tolerated the treatment pretty  well.He had a bad headache for around 6 hours after the treatment but paracetamol and tiger balm (recovery by Denby here  on the site) helped After treatment he spent the afternoon in bed but was sufficiently ok to eat dinner Treatment was usually 10AM  Lots of trips to the loo during the night with blood and clots being passed Around lunchtime the following day he was.back to normal As treatments progressed recovery took a little longer However his mantra was its killing the cancer so its a small price to pay

Wishing your Dad all the best Mr W says  tell him thinking about the treatment was actually worse than the reality 


Wilbert xx