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Reoccurrence questions

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Hi all 

I am due for another rigid cystoscopy next week, my doctor did a flexible cystoscopy and is concerned that there looked to be some considerable papillary lesions on the margin of my original biopsy site. I have therefore been booked another rigid cystoscopy. 

has anyone else had an original low grade pTa tumour and then had a suspected reoccurrence so quickly? Did that change your risk rating or did the type of cancer change ie previously non invasive but then became invasive? Is such a quick reoccurrence normal?

Many thanks in advance 

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Hi . We know that this thing can have a habit of recurring which is why we get regular follow up checks. We know from being on here for a while that the original diagnosis can change, but not always for the worse. Some people can have multiple recurrences, while others are fortunate not to have any. It is just down to the individual. The good thing is that your has been identified and will be dealt with at your cystoscopy. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi Ripon35, I had a second reaccurence recently which followed the three months after my first tumour. Quite common I believe, but following a Pet Scan no further problems seem to be there.

So hopefully all will be well on my next flexi. The thing is we are very well monitored and treatment is there in time if problems occur, so at least we have the peace of mind for that. I am still considered low grade cancer.

Good luck and best wishes.