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Letter from Hospital.

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Hubby finally received letter from Hospital about his biopsy. Surprised at how short it was

Just an update. The lesion we found looks to be a very low grade bladder cancer which just almost certainly needs surveillance every now and again. I have suggested that we get you through at least one clear bladder examination in three months or so and if you are still keen we can consider Rezum treatment. 

The Rezume treatment was for his prostate that they cancelled when they found the bladder tumor. I thought the letter would have been a bit more detailed than that. He is seeing our gp on Monday to ask more questions. 

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Hi . Good to know you finally got some news after a long wait. It sounds like positive news. They appear to have caught it early and will now just keep an eye on Hubby. When the 3 month time gets near, always best to ring the appointment secretary to give them a nudge, as sometimes they miss things and we tend to drop down the list. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi Huey

They always seem to keep it short, every chat I've had with them is short too.  

At least it's not too bad, & you have a plan now.

All the best x