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Rigid Cystoscopy
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Hi All just had a rigid Cystoscopy after the course of chemo I had late last year,  my bladder is now showing clear of any tumours . I can relax now for 3 months before having a flexi Cystoscopy to look again. Feeling very happy tonight :) Thank you all for all the support Iv'e had here x 

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I’m so happy for you Harry,brilliant news.Love Jane xx
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Thank you Jane xx

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Harry that is wonderful  news so pleased for you xx

Inanna  xxx

I know that I don't know
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. Great news. Raising a glass of Glen Moray right now to your continued good health. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Great news Harry! We all love an all clear, it’s just the best feeling. Enjoy your 3 months holiday from BC and have a marvellous weekend. Sending love H x 

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Fabulous news Harry, long may it continue.

Luce x

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Great news, a nice relax now for awhile.
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Thank you all so very much for all the kind words cheers harry x

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WHOOOOHOOO!  I'll get another round in H, so pleased for you mate  X