Anyone had a reaction to the CT scan contrast dye?

About 35 years or more ago I had a scan, (not CT in those days) and had the contrast dye. I broke out with huge swellings on my head and was told not to have  that dye again.\

I have not had the dye since but having another Scan on Sunday and surgeon would really like the dye, so not sure about that, will discuss it with the scan Docs.

Cant imagine its just me, ?? would be interested in others experience.

  • A lady ahead of Mr W yesterday told her daughter it was rather nice a lovely warm feeling right down to the tips of her toes 

    So there you go


  • Rily, funny you should say what you did, because when I had mine Monday and the feeling kicked in when I had the contrast, I actually thought "Actually, this feels quite nice!" 

    I suppose after you've had it a few times that the weirdness of it all wears off. Or it's now me that's become weird and not the sensation...

  • Good luck Wilbert for Mr W results. The only thing I can add to CT scans with contrast is to drink water before and after to flush it out x

    Sue Xx
  • Hi John,Are you allergic to iodine ? I face the same problem as the hospital rang this morning and I'm booked in for a scan next week.I mentioned I was allergic to Iodine but am still unsure whether I can get away with not having the contrast.I managed to last time as the radiographer was on her own and it turned out that 3 out of the 4 patients she had seen had a contrast allergy.She was not going to put us all through the dye knowing that she would have no back up if something went horribly wrong.Strangely if I eat dates the same type of reaction happens with the addition of severe nausea.Good luck with your scan.Love Jane XX

  • Thanks Sue it was his 2 yearly check .Biopsy Monday of a dark patch found at last flexi in November We asked if we should cancel our 4week holiday but were told no it could wait as possibly damage from 24 bcg so hopefully all will be ok However as Monday approaches anxiety  ramps up 

    Hope all good with you



  • Hi Jane, last scan they wouldn't let me have the dye but surgeon wants it if possible for the one this Sunday.

    The dye is iodine based but I have not suffered a reaction as a kid when iodine was applied as a topical treatment .

  • I didn't know I was sensitive to iodine until I looked after a patient who needed an iodine based treatment in his bath.I wish you well for your scan.Jane XX

  • Wilbert

    I hope all goes well on Monday

    Love Inanna

    I know that I don't know
  • Wilbert, most likely it’s due to BCG cos that’s a lot he’s had, he’s done so well. So yes go on your holiday and enjoy. We go to Benidorm on Sat just for a week and the weather forecasts not good lol x 

    Sue Xx
  • Hi Sue

    Hope the weather improves for your holiday.  I lived in Benidorm years ago in the last century, great days

    Love Inanna

    I know that I don't know