Anyone had a reaction to the CT scan contrast dye?

About 35 years or more ago I had a scan, (not CT in those days) and had the contrast dye. I broke out with huge swellings on my head and was told not to have  that dye again.\

I have not had the dye since but having another Scan on Sunday and surgeon would really like the dye, so not sure about that, will discuss it with the scan Docs.

Cant imagine its just me, ?? would be interested in others experience.

  • Morning, yes I had a reaction to the dye although not as severe as you. Felt flu type symptoms and shaking for about four days after. I was told to tell them each time if I needed more scans as they could offer another type I believe. 

    Hope all goes well x

  • My symptoms are milder than yours - acute nausea, vomiting sometimes, a burning sensation in my groin and visual aura similar to migraine without the headache. I'm pleased to report that since I've had my bladder out, the feeling that I'm peeing myself has stopped (if that can be regarded as a plus).


    I may appear to be listening but in my head I'm all at sea. 

  • I've had lots of scans over the past few years with no after effects at all. It might just be me, but I find the feeling quite pleasant in a strange sort of way. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi,Back in 1983 I had a bad allergic reaction to the contrast dye.After several hours I was finally allowed home.I remember getting onto a packed bus bright red and covered in enormous hives.People were staring and backing away.I was forced to announce to the whole bus that I was not contagious and it was just a bad reaction ! It took a couple of days for the itching to stop and the hives to go.Not an experience I ever want to go through again.I have never had a scan with contrast since but that might change.Jane XX

  • Definitely agree with you on that rily always kind of liked having scans, felt reassuring in that every thing was been checked  

  • That sounds like my reaction Jane, I was told by the scan doc not to have another dye injection recently, as the second episode can be worse than the first.


  • There must be an alternative for allergic folk I hope! Fingers crossed for you foxbrush let us know how you get on? x

  • I can relate to what you say about the pleasant feeling Rily

    Love Inanna

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  • I do wonder how essential the dye is, in our case I know its easier to see a tumour but is it that much easier eg can it still be seen.?

  • Mr W had a ct scan with contrast ie dye yesterday and apart from feeling slightly  flushed he had no other reaction 

    Person doing scan did ask him.several times to confirm he was not allergic to iodine 

    best wishes