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Bladder cancer

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Metastasis bladder to bone cancer

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with bladder cancer spreading to bone, particularly ribs? If so, what treatment and life expectancy was given? Many thanks 

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Hello R-Lil

Welcome to our group though I'm sure you, like us, would much rather not be here. I don't have personal experience of bladder cancer mets to bones but I do know a lady in Wales who had G3 T2 bladder cancer with mets in her pelvis. liver and lungs too. Her medics were very vague about life expectancy as it's difficult to predict.

However, she has been on Atezolizumab immunotherapy treatment for the last 18 months and is now completely clear of all cancer. While this treatment doesn't suit every patient, it's worth asking about. If your local hospital doesn't offer this treatment, you can ask your GP to be referred to one that does if your oncologist believes it might work.

I hope it does.


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