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Results day

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We,  husband/patient and me, saw the Surgeon who carried out the RC on Tuesday, 10 weeks after the operation. Surgeon was really pleased with him. However we had to fight for this operation as both his last Turbt and urine cytology were negative, he had originally been diagnosed with CIS and had 6 BCG Luckily the urologist read the results as inconclusive and supported our choice of RC. Well the results showed an abscess in the prostate but no cancer, no cancer in the lymph nodes but unexpectedly G3T1 in the bladder. I am so pleased we followed our instincts as I knew there was more going on.

I must say how much we appreciate the help we had from the surgeon, even if he grilled us on the morning of the operation to make sure we knew all the pros and cons, he has done a very good job and was  fantastic to deal with. I know it is not the end with check ups regularly but feel we have done our best to beat this horrible disease.

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Hi Jenny,I'm so pleased for you both.I hope that a full recovery is now possible.Love and best wishes.Jane XXX

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Jenny, what wonderful wonderful news for you both

Love Inanna

I know that I don't know
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Hi Jenny. Great to know your husband is doing well after his op. Wishing you both well going forward. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?