Waiting for biopsy and frightened

I’ve had recurring uti infection for 2 years and had a camera on Monday where they found multiple Tumors. I’ve had mri and ct scan and now waiting for biopsy. The tumours looked like smooth lumps. 

I lost my mum to small cell carcinoma but they didn’t know primary symptoms came fro liver and she was terminal from diagnosis. I’m now worry about a bloated intermittent feeling around my upper right ab.

im a 42 year old woman so I think docs surprised I have Tumors. Can anyone offer and help as I’m just so scared x 

  • Hi and welcome to the community and our corner of it. The way you are feeling is normal and we all understand as many of us have been there. It must be extra worrying for you after the sad loss of your mum, but be aware that bladder cancer can be treated successfully one way or another. The procedure you will be having to remove your tumours is called a TURBT (trans urethral resection of bladder tumour). It sounds a lot worse than it is. A fairly straightforward operation to scrape away the tumours. In many case done in day surgery or maybe an overnight stay. A biopsy will be taken and then you have a couple of weeks wait for results. These results will determine what happens next. The pains you are having are fairly common at this stage, so try not to read anything in to them. Please feel free to ask any questions, there will be lots of support and help here for you. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi,Welcome,we all understand what a worrying time it must be for you at the moment.The waiting around for procedures and results is always the worst time.I hope that you will find support and friendship here.Love and best wishes.Jane XX

  • Thank you for you kind worlds Riley. I’m so worried about this pain around the liver and that it’s spread but u think it’s normal at this stage? I keep prodding around it and not sure if I’m making I’d feel worse! 

  • I had severe pains in my kidney area prior to my first TURBT, but it went after my op. Saying that It may be best for you to see your GP or contact the urology department to be on the safe side. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • I can only echo what's already been said, particularly by Rily. I had kidney pain before my TURBT, and although it initially went, it returned. It was only when I had my CT Scan that they found the tiniest of kidney stones. About 2mm circumference, if that, but wasn't half uncomfortable.

    It still bugs me now and again, so try not to worry yourself thinking it's something sinister, as there's every chance it will be nothing to worry about.

    Hope everything goes well for you.