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Happiest New Year!

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Happy New Year all.

i had a TURBT op plus urethral stretch done on 15 November.  All went well and I was back to work within a couple of weeks.  Finally got my results yesterday and it’s good stuff.  Low grade cancer, growth of about 3cm, non aggressive and hasn’t penetrated the bladder lining.  Now just onto regular cytoscopies to check it isn’t returning.  Don’t think I’d realised how much the wait had been weighing on me till now.  So relieved and really thankful for the support I’ve had from the great folk on this site.  Thank you and may your year be a good one with improved health. xx

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Hi Fionay68

Well done you, Brenda has been given a good pasting.  I am hoping Bill and Ben have not created too much havoc in my flower pot either

I am delighted for you

Have a great 2020

Love Inanna

I know that I don't know
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Hi Fionay68. That's great news. Best wishes for the coming year and beyond.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Brilliant news Fionay68,I am very happy for you,love Jane XX

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Excellent news, its all a waiting game with this ,which for me is the worst part so far.

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Great news Fionay68, the waiting is always the worst bit.

Best wishes Luce x

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I agree wholeheartedly. Waiting for a date for my next flexible cystoscopy.


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Brilliant news so pleased for you x


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So pleased for you and yes the waiting is the worst thing xx

Sue Xx