Had my last chemo treatment of the 6 week course on Christmas Eve all went well just took longer getting over the side effects this time .next for me is a ridged cystoscopy in FebruaryAll the best harry

  • Sorry that you had more trouble with side effects during this last treatment.I hope that you are feeling better now,you must be relieved you have got through it.My best wishes for your next cystoscopy.Love Jane XX

  • Hi Harry. Good on you for getting through it. It will probably take a week or so for it to clear your system and hopefully you will feel a lot better. If I remember rightly you are on epirubicin in place of MMC. This alternative treatment will be unfamiliar to many of us, so we all await good results. Wishing you well with your cysto. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Harry

    Thank you for your inspiring post.  Glad you are getting over the side effects

    Love Inanna

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