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Bad news re Atlantis trial.

Richard 1944
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Saw my oncologist yesterday. Shocked to hear that the Atlantis trial drug rucaperib has failed to work. Lungs and blader are about the same but the tumour in the liver has doubled in size. I will have two weeks rest to get rucaperib drug through my system then they will try immunotherapy. Only works for about one patient in three.

Family are obviously upset because we were hoping for good news. Will remain positive and enjoy the time we have left.

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Morning Richard 1944, disappointing results for you and your family to deal with. Sending love to you and your family after a tough day. Your attitude however is exemplary and I am totally in solidarity with you. Staying positive and treasuring every day feels like the only worthwhile way to me.On Christmas day I walked for a mile across Exmoor with my girls and our 3 labradors in the most beautiful sunshine. It was a complete blessing and a joy for me who was not fit enough to do this a year ago. If it had been my last day on earth I would feel lucky to have lived to do it. The glory of the memory still lifts my heart.  I have read  some very good things about immunotherapy from the Inspire site on Facebook (mainly USA feedback) so wishing you similar success. xxx

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Hi Richard. Disappointed to hear things didn't go as planned. Hoping the next step will bring better results. Sending you my best wishes for the New Year.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi Richard,I am sorry that the trial has not worked out.I hope that you have success with the immunotherapy.Very best wishes for 2020.Love Jane XX

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Hi Richard, so sorry it didn’t work but let’s just hope you respond better to immunotherapy, got everything crossed that you do x

Sue Xx
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So sorry to hear that Richard. Well done for staying positive and I hope the immunotherapy is successful for you, wishing you the best of luck 

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We're all behind you here mate xxx