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Bladder cancer

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Narrowing of the eutheras into stoma four years after bladder cancer

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice.

In October 2015 I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer T3. I had a full bladder removal with a stoma made on the right side, I also had my prostate and lymph nodes removed. The cancer was showing on the left kidney urethra pipe into the bladder. 
I then had a three month course of chemotherapy at the Queen Elizabeth. In March 2016 I had my water pipe removed as a precautionary measure. I then had repeat CT scans with no reoccurrence. However, in October 2019, I had severe kidney pains due to urine being unable to pass through the eutherians to the stoma. The QE believed there was no reoccurrence of cancer, the problem appears to be due to scar tissue in the urethras has attached to ducting.
My left and right kidney now have nephrostomy drains in with stents in both urethras, which are not working. I have now been sent home from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for six weeks rest but I'm in extreme pain and discomfort.
I am looking for some help / advice to see if anyone can please put me in touch with a specialist hospital / surgeon that specialises in reconstructive surgery following bladder cancer? Or have been through this same situation themselves and have any advice? 
Thank you 
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Hi . Sorry I can't help with your concerns, but just let me welcome you to the group. I am sure someone will be along to share experiences and offer advice. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hello FruitShop

I've had a radical cystectomy after 3 months of gem/cis chemo that weakened many of my tubes. After a couple of weeks post op I had a nephrectomy on the right kidney due to scar tissue tissue around the ureter/conduit joint impeding the flow of urine from the kidney plus the ureter was so thin it was full of holes, leaked inside me and had to be stented for 3 months.

I had my treatment at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading under Phillip Charlesworth and Chris Blick with support from the intervention radiology team. Having moved house, I'm now under Jon Aning at Southmead Urological Institute, Bristol. Both Reading and Bristol are in the top 5 bladder cancer treatment hospitals in the UK. I'm happy to recommend both and answer any further questions you have.


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