Scanxiety begins again ...

I have my annual oncology check up on 6 December at the Urology Institute, Southmead, Bristol. Prior to this, I was treated at Reading and Ascot, Berkshire. Usually, I have a CT scan before the annual consultations so any nasties can be detected. This year's consultation was booked last December.

At Mrs CB's insistence, I phoned yesterday to remind the NHS that I'm waiting for a CT scan appointment before the consultation. Without the results of the scan, we'll all be wasting our time when I see Dr Jon Aning in three week's time. Today I phoned radiology and, low and behold, a scan request has been received and I've taken a cancellation for Monday next.

Two points to reinforce - 1. We have to manage our own appointments. 2. Phoning for a cancellation appointment at short notice does work.


  • My biggest bugbear with Southmead was the administration/communication. The staff were great.

  • Certainly pays to be proactive! I have hinted at my last visit that would be more useful, even if means an extra visit, but they do seem to like to decide at the consult what other tests to do, apart from routine bloods etc.

    Hope you can keep the scanxiety sufficiently at bay & get good results.

  • Well done for being on the ball Southmead Hospital, but you are right we do need to monitor our own appointments.

    That said this morning  I received a letter from the marvellous (and constantly under threat of closure) North Devon District Hospital. Thanks to the diligence of my CNS aka superwoman, my next flexi cystoscopy has been booked in for 20th December. My fingers are crossed for NED urology Christmas present. 

  • Good work CB. I Hope all goes well


  • Always listen to the Mrs, good luck CB hope all is well .

  • Totally agree CB. We know that different departments do not talk to each other and appointments come in the wrong order. Managing our own destiny is spot on. At one point I had a wall chart up to keep track of things. Hoping all goes well with your results. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

    What is a Community Champion ?

  • We arrived back from home today expecting a flexi appointment  for Mr W Nothing in the post so phone  call first thing Monday morning The admin side drives me mad First appointment came 2 weeks weeks after bcg completed spoke to nurse assured  us we would get another appointment for the correct  6/8 weeks Lo and behold second appointment  4 weeks after bcg .Another call assured appointment would be waiting we got back from hols!

    Good luck CB and well done for listening  to  Mrs CB 

    Best wishes 

    Wilbert  xx