another funny story

this was realy funny at the time lol

in may 2019 we were on holiday in Lanzarote  i suddenly felt unwell  on the way back our hotel that night my wife walked away in front of me in the complex we were staying next thing i knew was my phone ringing  in the pocket of my shorts it was my wife calling me asking where i was  my reply was i havnt got a clue where i am then a cpl from southern ireland appeared and pulled me out the bushes i had collapsed my elbows were bleeding with me trying to pull my self up any was the couple helped me back to our appartment  next day i was sore  the following week we were out again and on the way into the complex  i went up a steep ramp i fell over a 2 foot high wall landed on top of a tree and crashed 10 feet  to the ground luckily i had a small ruck sack on my back or i would have been impaled on the tree two ladies from enland lifted me and sat me on a step the bloke on reception said the ambulance was on its way  i had burst the back of my head on the picon ( volcanic small chips ) i arrived at the hospital x rays scans etc back in the room i had a nurse appeared  i asked to go to the toilet she asked why i replied i need to pass urine she came back with a bed bottle i showed her my urostomy bag  she eventualy showed me where the toilet was back in bed the same nurse came in the room and said she wanted to give me a scan ok no probs she rebooted the machine 3 times left the room she came back with a doctor when then tried to scan me in all 3 doctors and a senior nurse all scratching their heads i asked what is the problem one doctor replied we can not find you bladder they wer looking under the bed etc i showed the urostomy bag again and i said i do not have a bladder doctor asked  did you remove you self i laughed  where is your bladder he demanded i replid if you look though the ashes at an incinerator in central scotland you may find traces of it 

the end result was i had very low blood preasure which made me collapse

i thought this was hillarious  in april 2020 i will be cancer free i am one of the very lucky people out there  so with a urostomy and an ileostomy 

i think apart from the cancer side i am trying to advise others to if they go on holiday abroad to have an EHIC card and have proper insurance my EHIC covered all the treament i had  you all take care cause i care