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Bladder cancer

A place for people affected by bladder cancer to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.

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Hi all, 

Firstly having read through the posts in this group it is already a comfort to know this community is is here. 

I'm 34 and 3 months ago I went to my GP with frequent urination, however it was found that my bladder was not fully emptying. I ended up with an overnight stay in my local hospital with a catheter and have had to self catheterise since. 2 weeks ago I had my cysoscopy and they found a mass on my bladder which I also saw on the screen. They stopped the procedure and told me I was to be booked in for surgery for a biopsy. I had my preop a week later and then 2 days later I was in for surgery. The consultant wanted me seen as urgently as possible, which although was a relief was also very scary. 

I have had no CT scans, just various ultrasound scans and blood tests. They are worried my kidneys are not functioning correctly either. 

I had my biopsy at the beginning of this week and was left with a catheter for 2 days. I feel for anyone who needs a catheter long term! Today is the first day I have been able to urinate again properly although very painful. I am very bruised down below and have intense pain in my stomach. They said the procedure went well and took a biopsy from the tumor in the trigone area of the bladder. I now have the two week wait for results but want to remain as positive as possible. It's difficult as I don't want to worry my family too much. They have been amazing. I am also worried about the amount of time I have been off work and although my job is safe, I'm not getting paid when I'm not in. 

I wanted to give my experience incase anyone else is in a similar situation. Although I'd rather not have anyone else go through this, its comforting to know your not alone. 

Take care 

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Hi . Welcome to the group and thank you for sharing. Many of us here will be familiar with what you are feeling. The early days of uncertainty and not knowing  can be anxious times. You will probably have a scan at some point. This is more to rule anything else out and give them a bigger picture. The results of your biopsy will determine the next step. As regards finances, you may want to give the Mac helpline a ring on 0808 808 000 (open till 8pm). They will advise you on any benefits you may be entitled to. In the meantime, drink lots of water. This helps to clear any debris out and prevent clotting and infection. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi MD1223

You've come to the right place for support.  Agreed that the catheter's vile!  I had one for 2 weeks with my first procedure.  It can indeed be very uncomfortable.  I'm also finding that I struggle to empty my bladder after the procedure these days, it's a horrible feeling not being able to weeee.  We're all here to listen xxx

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Hello MD1223, sorry to hear you've had all this to deal with. Catheters are horrible, I feel for you.  I'm afraid you've joined the waiting-for-results club, of which we are all reluctant members. It's almost the hardest time, waiting to know what comes next. Treat yourself (or let your family spoil you, which they probably will want to do) with whatever distracts, charms and lifts your heart ....obviously within limits of promoting good health .  Great you have family support. They will be anxious, but that's because they love you and want to help. I found it particularly helpful to have someone with me for that first biopsy-results meeting with the consultant. Best wishes x

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Hi MD1223, agree re the catheter, I had two attempts to have mine out after my first procedure but had to wait for two weeks before I could Pee.

As said, waiting is the worst part of all this but there are treatments for whatever comes. 

Best wishes.