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I love my CNS!

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After 9 days trying not to think the worst and frankly feeling too scared sick to phone my CNS this morning I finally plucked up the courage to ring. As luck would have it she had just that moment walked back into her office from the MDT meeting. Biopsy showed reoccurrences were very early stage and though slightly higher grade than my previous low-grade reoccurrence, not high grade like my original tumour. She also told me that they HAD cauterised all the tiny spots... so they are all gone. I was thrilled! They recommend I continue with the BCG treatment. Bring on doses 16,17 and 18!  I cannot tell you all how relieved I feel but I think you will all know. Off to the woods with my dogs with the biggest smile on my face, and tonight I shall definitely be raising a big glass and the toast is " living to fight another day!". Love and hugs to you all. H xxx

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Excellent news. 


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Brilliant news  so pleased for you

lots of love 

Wilbert xx

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Sounding really positive H. I will join you this evening in raising a glass to your future good health. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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So pleased for you, what a relief! 

Luce x

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Sounds all positive as do you , really pleased for you Herothedog.

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Brilliant news H, so pleased  for you. Love to hear positive news.

Richard 1944
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Brilliant news. I know the feeling after hearing that all my tumours have shrunk. Hope the rest of your treatment goes well.

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So pleased to hear this Herothedog,Love Jane