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pTa Grade 2 but no treatment offered

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Have just had a call from CNS. My tumour was Grade 2 and pTa. No treatment planned which I find worrying as no mitomycin given at time of surgery. Next appointment in 3 months time for FC. Hoping for some contact from consultant to explain further. 

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Hello plantaholic

Your grade and stage indicates that your medical team will monitor you in the short term. Not all patients need further treatment if the surgeon is confident that the tumour has been removed from the surface of the bladder.

However, you are right to discuss this further with your urologist.

I wish you well.


What if the Hokey Cokey IS what it's all about?

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Hi . I would be quite pleased with that. Ta is very early and superficial meaning just sitting on the surface. Grade 2 is medium and not the more aggressive type. No MMC because the docs think it unnecessary and monitoring is all that is needed. Best wishes.  

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Sounds good news - you really don't want to have BCG if not necessary. Unfortunately recurrences are common so vigilance is important. My brother had several recurrences, went from G1 to G2 & was told if another G2 would be given BCG. In the end he didn't need it & was discharged after a certain time clear. 

(Hence  I wasn't too phased when I was diagnosed, expecting the same. Was a bit floored when my one small rumour was G3...)

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Hi Plantaholic1,

That is good news, same as I was two years ago. I did have Mitomycin after my initial TURBT but no further treatment apart from a follow up flexi in 3 months.

it does have a very high recurrence and at the 12 month stage I had a reoccurrence and two more after that. I didn’t have mitomycin every time after my TURBTs, or my tumour analysed as so small apart from  the last one in April.The grade remained the same and that is when they started me on a 6 week course of  Mitomycin, last one next week. 

It would be good to speak to your urologist and get some more information, perhaps you can check with your CNS if you will be getting an appointment although I know from previous posts that not everyone has that opportunity.

Best wishes x