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Have a drink this weekend

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Hi all

The weather people are promising us that we're in for a warm weekend and I thought I'd take the opportunity to say

and Squashes. Foods with a high volume of water fruit and vegetables

Avoid or limit Alcohol. Caffeine drinks tea, coffee and soft drinks

How do you know if you're dehydrated - check your pee.

When out and about take a reusable water bottle many cafes, restaurants, pubs and public places now offer

Looks for the signs

Have a good but safe weekend 


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The Bodach is LIVING WITH A ST● MA

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Hi, a small addition to the colour chart meanings. I've recently added turmeric supplements as advised by the  chiropractor/physio to combat joint aches, and noticed that not surprisingly both my [not bc patient] and husband  [bc patient]'s urine is yellower. However I did get a surprised - doctor verbal pat on the back recently as I had to do a 24 hour urine collection for osteoporosis monitoring and they were surprised at the volume! I said well I just try to drink the recommended amount, the Dr said well very few do. So do take the advice in Ian's post seriously.

Once again for those who may not have seen it, my wise GP in about 1979 told me that drinking 1 bottle of Robinson's Lemon Barley Water properly diluted over 24 hrs would probably cure the onset of cystitis. It did, and the hot-weather tip if you have never tried it is that it does make swilling copious water palatable if like me you don't find plain water goes down well. {and no I don't have shares in it...]