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Hi has anyone that has had Bladder Cancer, gone through the TURBT and then had chemotherapy, not yet mt their consultant.  I have a great Cancer Nurse but it would be nice to talk to the consultant

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Please look under 'medical staff involved' as I have just had this conversation with the group

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Hello and welcome to the community. If you browse through this thread mentioned by JennyJJ you will see it is not uncommon not to meet a consultant, especially in the early days. A consultant will have reviewed your case, as it is them who dictate what line of treatment to follow. You will usually meet them at some point. When you mention chemotherapy, do you mean mitomycin in to the bladder, or the full scale chemo. You would normally see a consultant oncologist if having intravenous chemo. My cancer was invasive, so I saw consultants regularly, but this is not always the case with early stage bc. Best wishes.

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