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Somewhat in the dark

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Hi everyone.

I am a renal patient who has just had to go back on haemodialysis after my transplanted kidney failed earlier this year after 10 1/2 years. I was told I had a 'mass' on my old kidney and it would have to be removed. This was a blow but having been booked in for a urology procedure (TURBT and cystodathermy) last week was devastated when after the op I was given a discharge letter, I was told nothing about the findings and the letter did not seem to answer my questions.

I called the helpline and spoke to a nurse who explained what had taken place. Tumours had been removed and I had received Mytomycin at the end of the procedure.

Six sessions of Myyumycin to be organised.

At no stage did any doctor mention cancer or chemotherapy. I feel very much in the dark!

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Hi and welcome to the group. It is always annoying when things are not explained properly, especially in the early days. Mitomycin is often administered following a TURBT. This is generally to mop up any rogue cells. A biopsy is usually taken for analysis and you should get a follow up appointment in a few weeks to discuss the findings. The sessions of Mitomycin are standard in a lot of cases. This again is to mop up and help prevent recurrences. The results of any biopsy will determine what further treatment, if any, is needed. You may have to have a flexible cystoscopy in a couple of months to see how things are. Best wishes.

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