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Bladder Cancer Stage and NHS wait times for operation

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Im looking for some advice and answers from people who may have been through what myself and family are having to face at the moment,

so my grandad doctor found blood in his urine around a month and half ago since then he had the camera and they found ‘nodules’ and arranged for them to be remove on the 29th April 

he received a phone call yesterday to come in today to discuss the results, we all genuinely thought that would be the end of all this but the doctor has staged it at T3 invasive muscular bladder cancer and said it’s quite aggressive 

they are going to discuss treatment plans 

and his options possibly will be to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy 

or have his bladder removed.

my Grandad is taking this all very well and thinks having his bladder removed will be the best option and thinks that means the cancer is gone and that is the end of it all.

is this the case? Does this mean that he will be cancer free?

also does anyone know roughly how long the nhs will take to book him in for this operation or chemotherapy/radiotherapy 

The nurse couldn’t really answer that question 


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Hi and welcome to the community and our group, although sorry to hear about your grandad.. This may seem a quick response to your post but I have just turned on my computer after retuning from the pub (only 2  pints) and saw your post. I only mention this as I was in a similar situation to your grandad six years ago with T3 aggressive bc. So hopefully some reassurance for you. Some people prefer bladder removal. I chose bladder  preservation with radiotherapy. It is a personal choice of which way to go. My oncologist suggests there is no evidence to show one way is better than the other. Timing depends on the individual hospital concerned and we are all aware of the anxiety of waiting. Make sure your Grandad sees an oncologist. I recently wrote a blog of my story which you can  see HERE . Many of us have been there with different treatments. Feel free to ask any questions. best wishes. 

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Thank you, I’ve just read what you have wrote on the link 

i feel a little bit more positive that things will be ok! Congratulations on getting the all clear too!

i think we just need to get our heads around this and come to terms that it’s going to be a long road ahead!

we are a very close family and I can’t bear to think of the worst it’s breaking my heart!

im so worried that while he’s waiting for the operation things will get worst

if he has his bladder removed that means the cancer cannot come back and he’s in the all clear as there is no bladder for it to come back too? I’m so confused 

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Hello Chloe

I echo what Rily said and I opted for removal. Having the surgery depends on fitness to withstand the operation which does take its toll on the body. If your Grandad is in good shape then surgery may be an option.

If the cancer has not spread beyond the muscle wall of the bladder then removing it is as good as a cure though the NHS will never say that. 

Whatever treatment he has, the chemo is designed to mop up any cancer cells that may escape elsewhere. Radiotherapy can destroy the cancer, surgery removes it. It's a matter of personal choice. There are many of us here who have had all the treatments so there is a ton of advice available.

I wish you and your Grandad good luck with this.


What if the Hokey Cokey IS what it's all about?

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Once the cancer has become muscle invasive, cancer cells can get into the lymph or blood & can travel elsewhere. So although the current tumour will be gone if the bladder is removed, there is a possibility that cancer will later crop up somewhere else (metastases). It's still bladder cancer, but not in the bladder!

Chemo plus surgery or chemo plus radiotherapy to attack the current tumour are the usual options for T3. They will usually do scans to check if nearby lymph nodes appear to be affected.

Unfortunately it is an unknown - there is still a chance of cure, but it's not guaranteed. Metastases can occur soon or not for years. They may still be treatable even if not curable, so keep the hope going & enjoy each day as it comes.