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pelvic exentration and ileostomy

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So glad for you Lousia xx

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Hi everyone long time no see

Thank u all So So much for the support that you've been giving me through this....

I had a check up a few days ago and thankfully it was clear but I just compered the scan to the one I had before the surgery and you know, now I only have a few organs in my belly It was almost empty but its fine 

I have started the new round of my chemo 

And I'm really doing fine 

Thank U all so so much again and again

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Good to hear from you , nice to know you are doing well.  You are an inspiration to us all xx

Keep positive, keep fighting, but it's also ok to have days when you are not ok x
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Hello lousia, only this morning I found myself wondering how things were going for you and here you are with some good news!  Brilliant for you to get a clear check after all the disappointing news you have previously dealt with. So happy that the radical surgery has done it's job and now it's about staying all-clear. Everyone on this site knows their cancer could re-appear but for many, thanks to the marvellous treatment available, there is a healthy future. You have experienced so much, so young, I really hope you will be one of the lucky ones. I haven't experienced chemo but I am sure you will cope with your usual great courage. Sending you lots of love. Hope your mum is feeling a little happier now her lovely girl is on her way back up? 

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Cant express my joy enough to hear that at last you're getting some good news, it's been a long journey for you and you fought every obstacle in your way, I am very proud to know you and I'm sure that each day will see you making new progress.

Never mind the empty belly, I bet it's the smile on your face that everyone notices and remembers.

Keep up the good work, don't look back it's looking forward for you from now on.

Lovely to hear from you again and I look forward reading more of your good news especially the post that will tell us that you're back home in your own bed.

Keep smiling.


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Lovely  to hear from you and great news.Like others I'd been wondering  how things were with you and it was brilliant to see your post

You are truly an inspirational young lady

lots of love

Wilbert xxx

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Just all that Bodach said and it was said lovely. Best of luck Louisa2000 X

Sue Xx
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Hi Louisa

So good to hear from you pleased to hear you have had some good news for a change Mums dont mind what we have to do for our children I know it is difficult you just feel like you need to help there will be plenty of tome to make it up to her when you are stronger. Keep in touch love chrissy xx


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So good to hear you are doing well and being so positive despite all you've been through - may you continue to get stronger every day x