Waiting for results of cystoscopy for bladder cancer

Hi , My mum had a cystoscopy last week after a fistula (hole ) in her bladder was found on ct scan. She had bladder cancer about 10 years ago.During cystoscopy he found something pale looking at site of old cancer. He said that if high grade we could be looking at a different picture and said he had done biopsy. The CT scan hadn't shown anything. What are your thoughts ? I'm presuming BCG won't be an option . 

  • Hi and welcome to the community and our corner of it. Sorry to hear your mum has had some bladder problems. It would be difficult for anyone to say what the next step would be without  the biopsy results. The fistula may have a bearing on things. We know how hard the waiting for results can be. As regards the pale patch, we have come across similar things on here before. In some cases it has just turned out to be old dead scar tissue from previous wounds, so hopefully it may be that with mum. Again though, it is a case of waiting to find out. Best wishes.