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First holiday and flights post RC

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Last week was my first holiday with flights out of UK since having the RC in Jan 17. I'd convinced myself that it would be ok and if a lady I follow on twitter who'd had an RC at the same time as me could do the Indian rickshaw challenge over 3000 miles, my trip would be a walk in the park.

So we went to Italy via Bristol Airport - no problems getting through security other than the small can of adhesive remover spray being tested for nasties and making the whole area smell of blackberries.

All went well till day 2 when I was visiting Villa Balbianello and standing on the very spot where Bond kissed Vesper in Casino Royale. I think Bill the Bag, newly changed an hour before, got overexcited and just gave way soaking my trousers. Not sure if I was fed up or just plain annoyed but discovered that you can change your pouch in a tiny loo with no wash basin for running water, hooks for hanging stuff on or a flat surface other than the loo seat. I had a bin bag for the wet kit just in case.

Learning point is to get some water only wet wipes to put in my bag of medical goodies and spare kit when I'm away from home.

JB never has these problems to deal with!


What if the Hokey Cokey IS what it's all about?

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Hi CB. Sounds like you had a great adventure. Well done on doing it. Mr. Bond would be proud of you. 

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Glad you took the plunge CB, you did great!    

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Great to hear you've achieved that. Amazing what you can mange when you have to. We get used to a 'safe' routine in the comfort of our own homes, it's good to know it's possible to adapt to other circumstances!

I did a long haul flight just 8 months post RC & a rail trip round Europe 1 yr post op - both quite fraught in terms of timing voids, finding toilets etc. This year's long haul trip (7 years post op) seemed a doddle in comparison!

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Respect to you both is all I can say!