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Bladder removal

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Anyone gone through removal of the bladder and prostate following very agressive G3 cancer of the bladder   . I have had three TURBT abd a PVP ( green light laser) There has been 6 weeks of BCG and I had started a three year course of immunotherapy ie 3 weeks of BCC followed three months later by a Flexi camera examination.  and so on for three years. Whilst my original cancer had been a G2 we believed that the worse was behind me. However on the first of the Flexi examinations in the first 6 month cycle  there had been a regrowth which the biopsy proved to be a very agressive G3 type even if it was only a Ta. I was sent for to be told that the only  solution is radical surgery. Investigation shows that this type of cancer is not treatable by Chemo or Radiation. I am due in for a diagnostic mapping of the bladder where they take multy samples and do a biopsy on each. I have already had a CT scan that shows  a rapid regrowth so it seems that I will have little choice  but to accept the surgery option. Is is however a very big operation and would be grateful for any advice on problems faced during or after this proceedure


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Hello dotsden,

I was shocked to read your senario of diagnosis and treatment, which unfortunatly does on this occaision not seemed to have the desired outcome. I am sure you will find many guys on here that have had this op done as it seems to be quite common, and although drastic action is not the end of the world so to speak and probably better than the alternative.

My Father had his bladder and prostrate removed and it was successful in as much as it removed the problem, but he was quite old 70 and suffered a stroke soon after, but he did live on for quite a while, I think if you are a bit younger it works very well, and i have friends who live with the bag, and enjoy a very normal life, do sport, ride motorbikes and the like, oh and still have a few pints!

I read with interest as i now am bladder cancer diagnosed as  (TCC,G1. pTa) of just one month, i have had the TURBT. and am waiting for first treatment January 2011 that will go on for 5 years, if it does not get any worse/different as yours has done.

Good luck and i hope that you find the answers you are looking for, have you looked in the 'treatments' area of this site, it is very extensive and deals with just about every angle.

All the best.


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Thank you for your comments, I hope that the stroke was not caused by the trauma of the operation as I am now rapidly  approaching 75!

For all the fact that I suffered a heart attack  some seven years ago  I consider myself quite fit and have no difficulty  walking five miles at a quick pace or working eight hours at something quite physical. I hope that will stand me in good stead



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Hello Dennis,

My hubbie's cancer was inoperable originally but following successful chemo he had a radical cysto-prostatectomy back in March 2009.  He now has a pouch rather than a neo.  A decision which was very difficult to make.  He was always very active and the pouch seemed the best option for him as it would mean he could resume a normal life fairly soon after the op.  He is doing so well.  We regularly walk 10 miles or so at least one day a week.  He's a keen motorbiker and this Summer we went on holiday to France, Italy and Switzerland on it.  Swimming isn't a problem for him either and his golf handicap is now 10 shots better than it was.

I do hope your outcome is at least as good as Mike's, whichever option you take.