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Dad just been told got tumours in bladder what can I expect

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Hi there

My Dad had blood in his urine and we made him to go the Drs. He had various tests and went to the local hospital on Friday for more tests where they told him he has some tumours in his bladder, he is 65.

He has been told he has to have an op and then they will know whether the tumours or benign or malignant - does this mean it is cancer or not, I dont really understand ?

My sister went along with my Dad but they were both really shocked and didnt get much info. He should have the  pre op appointment in 7-10 days apparently.

I dont live near my Dad I am 80 miles away : (

What will they do at the pre op?

They have said they think it is caused because of smoking, he is still smoking.  I understand why he is still smoking but surely if there is a possibility that this can return if he continues then it would be best if he quit. He has been smoking since he was about 13.

Thanks for your help and for reading


Amanda x

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My Dad also has bladder cancer, however unfortunately much further along that your Dad. 

My understanding of the difference between benign and malignant is that benign tumours can be removed and no furher treatment is required - I understand them to be some sort of growth.  Whereas malignant tumours are what we would know as cancerous tumours.  I believe that malignant tumours in the bladder can simply be removed with often no further treatment required, however I believe it is the depth of the turmour roots that are all important.  It appears to depend whether the tumour has penetrated the lining of the bladder and how far to what treatment if any is required following surgery.

I think at the preop they will do blood tests, blood pressure etc., to make sure your Dad will have no probs with the surgery - I think these are fairy routine with every op. 

If its any comfort my Dad developed cancer but is a non smoker.

Best of luck



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Hi Amanda,

Just spotted your post on here. My bladder cancer was diagnosed just a few months ago and mid august I had the op to remove the bladder as my cancer was very aggressive and had eaten its way through my bladder and into my prostate.

The pre op appointment is about the hospital doing routine tests on your dad to make sure he's ok for the op but its also his/your chance to ask all the questions you want about the cancer, the treatment, what happen after etc etc. Even if you forget some of the questions at the time don't be afraid to ring up and ask the questions whenever you need to. You might even get give the details of a specialist nurse (often a Macmillan one) who will always be there to help you all along the way on this journey.

Feel free to keep writing on here or even send me a pm with any questions. When I was first diagnosed I would have fallen to pieces without the help and support of all the people on here. You are never alone on this journey.


Big hugs to you, your dad and family

Andrew xx

Mike On The Bike
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Hi Amanda,

Bladder cancer has a reputation for being one of the most 'fixable' cancers.  I'm certain that  Andrew, myself and quite a few others here would agree. From my own experiences and from what you say in your blog there are 2 things that make me think your dad is due for a TURBT (Trans urethral resection of a bladder tumour).  This is rather like a biopsy type procedure to get tissue samples from the tumour(s) for analysis.  They will put your dad out for this so he won't have any pain or know what they are doing.  Its not a traumatic procedure because of this.  He might be in hospital for a couple of days or so.  They are going to insert a tube up his water works kit.  The tube has a camera so they can see the extent of the tumour.  After the operation they will keep a tube inside him and irrigate the bladder for quite some hours.  The tube also drains the bladder.  The after effects of this were only really uncomfortable rather than painful and by and large I didn't find it too much of an ordeal.

Hope this helps but if you need further info send me a personal message and I'll do my best to get back to you soonest.

Cheers,  Mike

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Hello Amanda,

I had pretty much the same thing at the end of September  The Pre Op is really just an interview.  You get the chance to ask questions, but  I didn't really know what to ask!

At my post-op clinic I was given a booklet, which really explained things, but I think it is a locally produced one.

However, if  you and your Dad read the information on stages and grades in the information on Bladder Cancer, on the MacMillan site here, that should give you a good overview.

You may find it a bit scary, but I would have liked to have been pointed at this information before my TURBT op.  At my cystoscopy the surgeon said he had found a cancer, but like you I didn't really know what that meant.

I'm 51 and never smoked or worked with chemicals.  Like your Dad, I spoted a bit of blood in my urine and luckily decided to go to the Doctors quickly.

Hope this makes some sense to you and possibly even helps,


Good Luck.




red squirrel
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hello kev,welcome,regarding  a pre-op being just an interview,are you getting confused between a flex-cysto and a rigid?two compleatly different animals

the pre-op for a rigid is the same as any other surgical proceedure,blood work, urinary test,heart monitor,weight,and a physical,which can take the best part of a day depending on which hospital you go to,



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OK Red,

I was probably being a bit trivial there.  I was talking about the pre-op for my TURBT, which took a couple of hours and consisted of the steps you mentioned above.

It itself I didn't find it particularly worrying, but it does help if  someone goes with you, as you start getting told things which you might not take in all  by yourself.  2 people stand a better chance of retaining what the medical team tell you.




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hi amandaid just like to add to everyones comments which are true by the way. like your dad i found blood in my urine 4and a half years agom my tumours keep coming back but that dont mean to say your dads will in fact its not often it returns ok.after the op dad will have a cafeta to drain his bladder as was said . when the hospital are happy they remove it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice. but then before he can go home he has to pass a certain amount of urine into bottles to be weighed thats to make sure he can pee properly ok. he will have pain when he passes water for quiet sme time but dont worry it will get better.they will check him again about 3 months later . he will be in good hands i promise .we have the best hospitals in the world remember that

i hope all goes well .take care sweetie



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I'm a few months into this.  I found blood and went to a doctor back in July and was given a flexible cystoscopy where they found the tumor,  I saw it on the monitor.  Then in August I was given my first TURBT. This followed a pre-op assessment where all the tests were done, heart, lungs,bloods etc . Then an ultra-sound scan.  The TURBT followed after after a blood match 5 days before proceedure.

A cancer was removed and I was givne a bladder wash with metromycin (chemotherapy) . When the cancer was analysed it proved to be of the most aggressive kind. I had CT scan  at two months that did not show any secondary cancers.   I had a second TURBT four days ago.  (A further pre-op before this one) whenethey found the cance r was growing again.  Furtehr removal was done.


I am now referred to Oncology next wek for possible Chemo and radiology.

One of the things I want  to convey here is that he will go through many tests/scans and examinations. (I am told I wil get a cystoscopy every 3 months at first and later going to once every 6 months for the next 15 years).

I have no outward signs, your dad may be the same, but inside I am in tumoil and scared.  Many of us don't show that but we think it.  Encourage him to talk about  his inner feelings.

Best wishes



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I agree to take family or friends to doctors appointments when dad has a appointment we go en masse with me and mum with him sometimes they use a lot of words that you cant figure out what it means plus they will know symptoms you are having and dates etc.  My dad doesnt talk much about his cancer we have only had one real conversation about it when he was a bit tipsy.  Dads a very private man, so I know it is hard to talk about some things but give it a go.


T xx