I've been diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer , and just starting my journey,  I'm scared and really don't want chemotherapy,  has anyone seen holistic therapist? Or had any success with cbd oils ? 

  • Hi and welcome to the community and our corner of it. What treatment have you had so far ? We've had people here over the years trying alternative treatments with no success. CBD oil can have an adverse effect on treatment. You really need to go with doctors advice. Chemo can be unpleasant, but not always. I had six weeks of it and didn't have any nasty effects. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Danib, have the doctors explained to you that what they would propose will depend on not only the aggressiveness of the cancer, but where it is? If it has not spread into the muscle it is likely that you would be offered an immunotherapy [ie it's not chemo] treatment called BCG. This solution is fed into your bladder through a catheter [tube] and you just pee it out after an hour or two. It's given once a week for a course depending on what your docs consider most suitable to your individual situation. An alternative is a chemo treatment, often Mitomycin, but given in the same way, and therefore does not cause the effects that worry people about chemo. A really healthy diet and sleep and exercise will help your body deal with the cancer and the treatment whatever you decide. Regards, Denby

  • Thank you , it is in the muscle,  ive had the turbt and the bcg, am seeing a professor tomorrow,  followed by mri on Thursday to check whether its in the lungs , but I'm sure il find out more tomorrow xx 

  • When you have your consultation, they should explain the different treatment options. If you are going to have bladder removal surgery, chemo is often recommended, prior to surgery but not necessarily considered essential. Sometimes it is recommended for after surgery instead, or you might be offered a combination of chemo & radiotherapy instead of surgery. Try to keep an open mind, ask lots of questions about pros & cons, risk & benefits, efficacy of each option etc.  

    Please don't take any therapies or follow any other types of treatment without discussing with your consultant. Most of the alternative therapies promoted on the internet are not of any proven benefit & can actually be harmful or prevent conventional treatment having the desired effect. Keeping relaxed, eating a good varied diet & taking plenty of exercise are more important.

    Good wishes.