Catheter comfort?

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Hi all, just back from my first TURBT, looks like it all went ok? I do however now have what appears to be a garden hose sized pipe in for the next 5 days! Strangest feeling ever, didn’t get a lot of sleep as without being too graphic, when you move it flaming hurts! 

  • As a female, not quite the same, but maybe if you strap the catheter to your thigh, it won't move so much?

  • Hi Robbo , the garden hosepipe made me chuckle, you have a GSOH. I cant imagine you are chuckling though. Great that turbt is done now and I assume you will be getting a plan in place following histology. Feet up relax as much as you can, treat yourself like a VIP , keep drinking . 
    much love to you, keep in touch


    Much love Angela x

  • Hated mine with a passion but it’s there to keep you from developing clot complications as you know plenty of fluids and don’t let the the leg bag fill more than half way this will stop the weight tugging on the main tube would be my advice had mine out just over a week ago keeping the bag at a lower level did help a two litre plastic bottle will come in handy to keep the standing up and walking down to a minimum during the day I looked forward to hooking up to the night bag so I didn’t  have to think about it 

  • I empathise with you. I only ever had one after the first TURBT and had it for about 5 days. Couldn't wait for it to be taken out. It was quite embarrassing as I was on the way to the clinic it started to leak, had trouble trying to disguise the big wet patch on my trousers, thank God for the shopping bag! Lovely feeling though getting your freedom back.

  • Thanks for the tips! Just had the duty nurse out to see if they can remove on Tuesday but, unfortunately it’s too big so looks like a trip back to hospital! Worst bit is I can’t perform a number 2!! Not sure whether I dare to push haven’t been since Wednesday evening, Mrs out getting some laxatives, I love my life!

  • Honestly, I’m sitting here counting the hours, I didn’t expect to be coming home with this gizmo! Can’t wait to pee normally! 

  • Yep I had the op on the Friday and persevered with it over the weekend. Hospital rang early on the following Monday and I was so crestfallen to be told it will happen on the next day, even that felt way too long, like you I ended up counting the hours down. Just remember "Good things come to those who wait".

  • The laxatives are a good idea I needed them myself and they really helped got some drink form ones and just had 1 cup a day 

  • Hi Robbo, how are you after your trip to A&E. I hope they sorted it for you

    much love Angela

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi

    I didn't have one. I had an overnight stay and they took out the following. I had to empty my bladder and have an ultrasound to show my bladder had emptied. However, due to an enlarged right kidney I didn't have chemo.

    It doesn't matter where you go, there you are