Dealing with the Mental Side of Treatments

Hi all,  

Not sure if this is the appropriate section of the forum to be posting this, apologies if it isn't.

Whilst coming from an engineering background I feel I can cope with the treatments that come my way pretty well. The consultant explains his suggested treatment plan and I follow his instructions.

The mental side I find a little more difficult. The time after the treatment waiting for the results I find is like torture.

Whilst I am a relatively positive but pragmatic person by nature, I really struggle to be positive, on the basis that apart from undergoing the treatment, everything else is out of my hands.

As much as I have a really supportive wife and children, they almost expect me to be positive, and whilst outwardly everyone sees the positive & brave me, inwardly I am almost in another place.

I am sure that everyone struggles mentally at some stage, but would be interested to understand the coping strategies of others.



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  • hi Collins 60, first of all don't apologise - there's no need. It's a double wammy physically and mentally. I coped by writing down all my questions and fears before any consultation or surgeon visit in hospital. He was marvellous and patient and answered all my questions. This helped me feel I had some control. Others don't want any information about the cancer. We all deal with cancer differently. 

    At the time I dealt with the bowel cancer physically and mentally. Since the first lockdown I have struggled mentally and emotionally. I struggle more now than I did when first diagnosed. If you find yourself struggling mentally seek support earlier rather than later as it can get a grip .

    "don't think about tomorrow"