Exercise before a NM Whole Body FDG PET CT Scan?

I have an appointment for this next week. The letter says No Exercise 24hrs before the scan. Applying this strictly, would suggest that I have to forego my usual Golf Society meeting the day before. I am wondering why this stipulation, does anybody know? 

Would it perhaps be acceptable to play, if I used a golf cart to greatly limit the walking required, and perhaps only did 9 holes rather than the full 18? 

  • Hi KidneyBeen,I’m reading about it now and it appears that exercise can cause the muscles to absorb the FDG.The muscles then block the image and that can mask abnormalities like tumours.The PET scan is very sensitive and exercise can lead to false positive results.You could phone the department and ask about the golf beforehand.I imagine that they would ask you to leave your game until after the test.Best wishes Jane

  • Hi Jane, I hope you are feeling brighter now? Thanks for your feedback.

    I understand now why the restriction, although it's not what I really want to hear! Having missed soo much golf over the last 2 years, so loathe to miss another day if not absolutely necessary! I'm wondering whether my proposed much reduced physical effort golf really constitutes "vigorous exercise"? However, I suppose I ought to be sensible and not risk anything spoiling the scan results.

    The last ordinary CT scan report suggested that some of the remaining lymph nodes around the area were maybe slightly enlarged. Although the sample of 9 that were removed along with the bladder were clear. Maybe it will rain on Tuesday, so I won't feel too bad about missing out!


  • The FDG ( Fluorodeoxyglucose) tracer seems to be so sensitive.Good luck with the PET scan.I’m not too bad thank you,still busy sorting and packing up books.Best wishes Jane

  • Well done on medical knowledge Jane! I'd never heard of FDG before but if it were me KidneyBeen I wouldn't do any exercise (I'd probably feel forced to have a lie in then sit on sofa with feet up) for full 24 hours as directed. You really want an accurate image in this situation don't you. Fingers crossed for your scan. The golf will still be waiting afterwards. H x

  • Hi H,I read a few medical articles and hospital guidelines and that gave the general gist of why exercise is not recommended beforehand.You would have thought they could provide an explanation on the appointment guidelines/letter.Jane x

  • Well as one door closes, another one opens! I contacted a golf buddy of mine, with a small group that I used to play with regularly, but haven't seen for ages, since my latest medical issues.

    I haven't had the chance to join them for a game, as it would have been too much to play more than the usual 2 Golf Society matchdays. They are playing on Monday, so happy days, I get to play a day early and meet up with some old friends again - RESULT!


  • Had the PET scan today. So now have to wait for the results, probably several weeks, as next appointment with the Consultant is early July.

    Just have to hope nothing else shows up. There isn't much of me left down there, to have any further problems now hopefully!


  • Hi KidneyBeen. Don't you just love the waiting. Hoping all goes well. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thanks rily - Yes, it's not great having to wait for possible sentence to be pronounced!

    Got to assume all is well, until they tell me different! However, in my case the original kidney tumour was actually in the ureter immediately connected to it, so technically a urotheal cancer. Thus, concern is that this particular cancer has a track record of coming back in other associated urotheal tissue. 

    Whilst the subsequent radical cystectomy has removed the bladder tumour with some other connected bits, I still have the LHS kidney and ureter, now connected to the ileal conduit (stoma) and presumably a redundant bit going down the old drain pipe (Urethra)! Add in some remaining local lymph nodes, connected with similar tissue, means there is still possibly somewhere else for the bl**dy thing to reappear! 

    The PET scan was done to investigate "possibly enlarged lymph nodes" - as more accurate than ordinary CT scan that suggested an issue. So yes I'm worried that I may still have more to come. I guess that should the LHS kidney output become a problem, that I would be in very big trouble! 


  • I really hope the results will be good.Best wishes Jane