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I've just had camera in to show 4 tumours 2 small 1 medium 1 large. I've been told I need the TTRBT. Treatment to start. How long is the typical waiting time for this procedure? 

  • Hi and welcome to the group, although sorry to hear they have identified some tumours. I am sure you will get lots of help and support here as you go forward. Waiting times vary according to hospitals and backlogs, but the average is about 6 weeks. You will get called for a pre op assessment, and then the op should follow shortly after. The waiting is always an anxious time. The TURBT op is fairly straightforward. Usually done in day surgery , but prepare for an overnight stay. There is then a further wait for results of biopsies. Be aware, bladder cancer can be treated successfully and there are many here to tell the tale. Please feel free to ask any questions. Lots of varying experiences here. In the meantime keep drinking lots of water to keep things flushed out. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hello K. B welcome to this friendly very informative forum. There are many people on here who can offer you advice and tell you their stories and experiences which will help you on your journey. You ask about timings, my personal experience may well be different to others. I was diagnosed with several small tumours on the 2 June 2020. Unusually. (I think) I had a pre assessment on the same afternoon, which was very quick, it may have been to do with Covid lockdown because the clinics were extremely quiet. My first TURBT took place on 19 June, again very swift. I also had 2 more TURBT's in the following August and December. I think rily's assessment of timings is probably more accurate.

    Do keep in touch and let us know your story as it does help others who are also going through what you are experiencing. Take care.

  • Hi K. B,Welcome to this friendly group.I hope you will find it helpful and supportive.I usually had TURBT’s done within a month to 6 weeks.Best wishes Jane

  • Hi K.B, I've generally waited about a month from identification to TURBT, but waiting between tests, TURBTs, consultations and biopsies is something you need to expect as they are par for the course. Of course at the start we all feel really anxious, but since bladder cancer has many different kinds of successful treatment,  just do your best to take everything one step at a time if you can. This group is always ready to listen to any concerns and share our experiences. My initial cancer diagnosis was in 2017 and I'm still enjoying a fit healthy life so don't despair. H x

  • Good afternoon K.B how are you today and welcome. Waiting is a word you’ll hear a lot on this forum but with regard to TURBT I’ve had three and typically have waited 3 or 4 weeks for treatment . The timings are fitted in to the hospital routines and it’s not likely that you’ll keel over if there is a delay. The other point is that you’ll know absolutely nothing about it til you come round from the anaesthetic. Then there is the wait for results of the biopsy, remember I said about waiting. Best wishes, J.

  • K B - It seems that there are many different paths our members have travelled. Some have had multiple TURBTs, others like me, only had one then went straight to removal of bladder. plus some other bits! However, the thing to keep in mind is we are still here to tell the tale. Feel free to voice any concerns or queries you may have, as the collective experience on here is considerable. Good Luck.


  • Just got my appointment 14th June. So only 3 weeks to go. If they find it to be invasive do they sort it out there and then or would I have to go back in? 

  • No, for the simple reason that you won't have given permission to whatever follow up treatment is required. This needs to be decided by the Multi Discipline Team meeting, once they have all the information available, like the histology of whatever tissue is removed.

    There may be different options available, that you will need to consider, with the Consultants advice/guidance, and then make a decision, if there is a choice to be made? Good Luck, Bob.


  • Hi . Good to know you have a date. It takes a lot of pressure off when the uncertainty of an appointment is taken away. In many cases there is a follow up as a mopping up procedure. Unlikely you will find out much on the day. You may get some feedback, but many surgeons are non committal. They send biopsies off for analysis, and then there is a few weeks further wait for results. The results should give you a stage and grading. This then determines the next step. Lots of waiting in this process and something we all find difficult. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Got my letter from cystology saying multiple tumours largest approximately 3cm, and kidney pipe needs to be explored.