Side effects

Given the shortage of chemo drugs what are the side effects of the drugs that are available like BCG?

  • Hi . Although I have had no personal experience of BCG, I know BCG is a slightly more severe treatment than the Mitomycin you were scheduled for. Being on here for a long time and reading many posts, it seems that BCG treatment can have a wide range of side effects and it is difficult to predict how people react.  Some people sail through it while others have nasty reactions. I am sure people will be along with personal experiences. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Niall,

    I've only ever had Mitomycin & I had an allergy to that where my bladder itched for a week.   I'm sure someone will be along soon to give you more positive feedback.  

    All the best!

  • My husband has has 23 bcg treatments  over the past 3 years First course of 6 followed  by courses of 3 .His side effects have been pretty consistent headache which comes on shortly after  installation

    Followed  by frequent painful urination for 24 hours initially  but has time has gone in its lasting longer I know others have had differing side effects 

    Mr W just says ok it will pass and just takes it easy .Installation  is usually 10am and after a light lunch is usually in bed for 1pm for around 4 hours Then is up and ok between  trips to the loo

    Hope this helps Best wishes