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Bile duct cancer

A support group for anyone affected by bile duct cancer to come together, share experiences, and ask questions.

" Just to say Hi"

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Hi ALL, 
I was diagnosed with "Bile Duct Cancer" at a young age of 45. I remember the Doc, telling me all about it then hit me with the reality of that I may only have 3 months to live. Luckily for me a few days later the "Freemans Hospital" brought me back in to offer me some "Pioneer Surgery" that may prolong my life on this planet. Back then I had 3 young children 6,10,13 and a wife with a world on her shoulders. I opted to stick around a little bit longer, following major surgery along with the "Whipple's scar" signature, I got myself back on my feet. Following the year I managed to not only surprise myself but surprise my "Hospital Care Unit Team", by not only getting past the first year but the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth year, without having to get Chemo, Radio or Saber Therapy. All I had was nothing more than a few upgraded minor surgery operations to sort out a hernia issue.
Unfortunately, Like "ALL GOOD THINGS" my scan that year revealed that at some stage the cancer cells had managed to drift into my Lungs. Again, options were given and again major surgery was done to the left lung a lobe was removed and to right a wedge section was taken. The following three years have revealed that the "Bile Duct Cancer" has the characteristic of not affecting any Lung tissue, only growing at a very small rate (Less than 0.6mm per month) And acting like a skin tag or boil. What has been discovered is the cancer is at a cell level, and two further growths have developed along the scar tissue line of my previous surgery.
Currently, "Freemans Hospital Team Unit" Are just checking me every 6 months as they said to me " Micky, you've gone beyond our textbook, and we don't have any idea what to do next, but whatever your doing keep doing it" And that's exactly what I'm doing, living as I can, got rid of all the pills I'm on to give me a "TRUE" sense of how I feel. Pointless being dumbed down by "Anti Depressants" or feeling nothing due to "Tramadol or Oramorph". I decided to pass my motorcycle test and get a bike to allow me to go riding along the coast where I live. My children, all grown up now with children of their own, my youngest now at Uni and I'm able to be the grandad I only dreamed of back then.
I only have one sad regret, that was my cancer cost me my marriage some 6 years ago. I have to admit, I wasn't the easiest to get on with, battling ALL those demons WE go through. They say Cancer is a Killer a destroyer of your very soul, what they don't tell you it also takes a part of your closest family souls as well. I don't have any ill feeling towards my Ex-wife, some people just can't cope with watching and not being able to help or worse, feeling useless and unable to help a loved one in pain.
What the illness has taught me is to respect and appreciate all walks of life, all manors of peoples beliefs and enjoy what life has to offer us. 
"Thank you for reading my story, I hope you will contact me to just say Hi, take care"
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Hello MetalMicky

Thank you for sharing - gives us hope and reminds us that the medical profession doesn't know everything! 

Take care,sounds like you enjoy each day x

Flowerlady x
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Hi MetalMicky,

Your story is very encouraging and you are obviously a great fighter. I am fighting too, now on a trial drug after 6 months of chemo. I am feeling much better and one of the tumours on my liver has shrunk by 40%. Keep up the good fight and hope you are now enjoying this precious life. All the best.

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Wow that sounds amazing....what trial is it ??.

ive just been diagnosed with secondary cancer as first diagnosis, with metastatic mass in liver encapsulating the primary Cholangiocarcinoma

ive also peritoneal deposists, meeting with my Oncologist this week....for treatment plan, I’m in Norfolk and will be under the Oncologist at the naorfolk and Norwich.

i plan to ask for 2nd opinion at the Royal Marsden in London

i plan to fight this for as long as I’ve the strength in my soul

thanks Jane

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Hi DiD

My husband was diagnosed with bile duct cancer 2.5 years ago and has just finished a round of chemo.  I'm curious to know more about this trial drug you were on.  At the moment my husband is not on any medication.  I'm glad to hear that you're feeling much better and I hope you continue to feel better.  All the best....