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Gone in 17 days

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My 82 year old father was diagnosed on April 25 and died on May 12. He lost the ability to do one thing everyday after the diagnosis until he was lying in bed asleep for the last three days. Prayers go to all of you! Please have a Living Will stating what you want done if you have a terminal illness.  I'm thankful that my dad completed one in December when he was having a tube put in his ear.

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Hello Yotababy,

Firstly i would like to pass on my sincere condolences to the loss of your father. I am not sure but i would like to think that him passing so quick after his diagnosis that he didn’t suffer to much. You must have so much pain and grief at the moment and would like to offer that you may find our forum for bereaved family and friends a comfort. Please i hope you can give a call to the helpline when it opens after 9am as i am sure they can also give you some extra support at this very difficult time. Again my condolences for your loss.

GBear Xxxx

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Hello Yotababy. So sorry for your loss. I lost my lovely brave mother, nearly 7 months ago. She was 82 aswell. She always had asthma. Then developed COPD which is a very serious chest condition. So she often had health stuff. But she never went on about it. She was a strong, kind mother & best friend. She was very independant. Lived alone, still drove her own car, was a good cook, loved reading & music. She started to develop new symptoms. I went with her to the Consultant. Couldn't believe the awful news. I ran out of the room crying. My mother was very calm, strong. Just sat there. Don't know what she said to the Dr. But when i went back in, they were offering Chemo, which gave me false hope. But like your dad, she steadily got worse. Then was just sleeping. My brother was fantastic. He lives in the States. Came over & stayed on a mattress on the floor in the hospital for a week! I would have had a breakdown.  But i was so grateful to him. I got to say goodbye to the best friend & mother anyone could have had. 

Now i'm having bereavement group counselling sessions. I'm glad too. Because i've met some lovely, sympathetic people. We meet once a week for 2hrs & it's a 5 month course. We've decided we'd like to stay in touch, which is great & i know for a fact, that my mother would be pleased. Maybe it could help you too? It can help, talking to people that are in the same boat. I know you must be feeling so numb & fragile. But good luck. We all understand how you're feeling! X